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News & Announcements from ChemValve

Feb 14, 2019

Chemvalve announces that the Model 190 Fully Lined Butterfly Valve will be among its product line of durable, high performing valves in the near future. The availability date will be announced as soon as it is provided.

OCT 1, 2015

Model 790 Fully Lined Plug Valve is now available in Stainless Steel.

Sept 30, 2015

We can now quote fully lined PFA butterfly valves and fully lined PFA swing check valves.

Sept 19, 2012

Want to stop packing leaks before they start? ChemValve is proud to introduce a new live load packing system for model 790 EB valves. Our new design has the following benefits:

• The need for a packing adjustment is clearly visible before packing leakage occurs.
• Sufficient load force to keep the packing seal is maintained on the packing flange over an increased working range.
• Easy to see when the correct adjustment to the packing flange has been made.

Click here to learn more about Model 790's New Liveload Stuffing Box Design